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Sod versus Seed

Professional Sod Installation

Our professional sod installation includes the following service:

  • Sod
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Application of lime and fertilizer
  • Rolling the sod
  • Initial watering
  • Complete clean up

Delivery to Your Location

Riverside Sod Farm will deliver sod Monday through Saturday during the growing season.  We will place pallets of sod wherever it is accessible by forklift (we need an opening of eight feet and we cannot drive onto neighboring lawns).*  Because sod is a mass of living plants and very perishable, we make every effort to schedule delivery times convenient to you.  We guarantee delivery of premium quality sod.  We can deliver tractor-trailer loads (1,000 square yards) or straight truck loads from 50 to 400 square yards.  Call to schedule a delivery.

Pick Up at Our Field

To pick up sod at the field, call us for directions and to schedule a pickup time.  Our staff will do the loading for you.  A $10 deposit is charged for each pallet leaving our yard, which is fully refundable upon return with your receipt.  A pallet stacks 50 square yards or 100 pieces of sod.  Two pieces of sod equal one square yard.  Each piece is 40-1/2 inches by 16 inches.

How much Sod can I haul in my vehicle?


Trunk of an average car 14-24 7-12
Sport Utility 30-60 15-30
1/2 Ton Pickup/Trailer 60-98 30-49
3/4 Ton Pickup 122-152 61-76
1 Ton Pickup 220 110

Give us a call at (304) 344-0581 and we will assess the area to be sodded and give you a free estimate.  

Note:  An additional charge may be applied if area is not accessible by forklift and requires carrying by hand.







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